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Have you ever looked up at our night sky and wondered what secrets it holds? 


2018 season: REMTREK will be back at the Dales Gorge Campground in April with an ever expanding set up.

When the earth is in darkness and the stars shine down on us, do you ever wonder at the vastness of the universe?

From our nearby neighbour Alpha Centauri to the very distant Omega Centauri Cluster and everything in-between, you'll see it all on a REMTREK astro night; this is one adventure that will take you lightyears from earth!!

Using large portable 305 to 400mm diameter telescopes, your view into the cosmos will leave you spellbound as Phill, your guide, takes you on an unforgettable cosmic journey.

REMTREK conducts popular, educational astronomy nights in Karijini National Park in Australia’s north-west between April and September.

Informative and entertaining, this two hour astronomy session under clear WA night skies will be richly rewarding as you peer deep into the cosmos through powerful light collection telescopes.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the stars you see above you every night, then this is the perfect opportunity.

REMTREK also offers' day tours in Karijini National Park, giving you the chance to take in the scenery by day before the stars reveals themselves at night.

To find out more about the tours, visit the tours page, or contact Phill on 040 908 7677.

Bookings are essential on the night via the booking form situated at the entrance to the "Tour Operators loop" at the Dales Gorge Campground.

Australian astronomy under spectacular Karijini night skies..!

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