Remtrek Astronomy

Karijini Astronomy


REMTREK is owned and operated by Phill Witt who has over 30 years’ experience working in and exploring the Aussie outback.

Phill’s first visit to the Pilbara was in 1985. He went back in 1989 to embark on his first serious outback trek, in Rudall River National Park.

It was this journey that fuelled Phill’s newfound passion for the outback which would lead to countless visits to the Pilbara over the coming years.

In 1997, Phill started taking regular guided tours through the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. As an avid amateur astronomer who caught the astro bug at the age of eight, he couldn’t help but introduce the secrets of the cosmos to the many folk he met during this time - first of many astro books purchased from a young age was the "The Hamlyn Guide to Astronomy" 1978.

In 2007, Phill was presented with a new opportunity to operate as a trail and astronomy guide from Karijini Eco Retreat in the north of Western Australia. He now operates REMTREK within Karijini National Park during the Pilbara season and from Perth over the Summer months.

For more information on REMTREK tours, please visit the tours page.

Phill is also a qualified first aid trainer currently running courses at various Perth based venues and is experienced in remote area safety. Having spent multiple seasons with the Royal Flying Doctor Service delivering courses to remote area communities, three years with St John Ambulance, contracting to various other first aid providers and dealing with many incidents within the Pilbara, you can be assured of effective and up to date course delivery with proven first aid techniques. First aid courses can be delivered upon request.

To make an enquiry about first aid training, please call Phill on 040 908 7677.