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Phill has been involved with first aid training since 2000 and has worked as a qualified first aid trainer for various organizations since. He has spent multiple seasons with the Royal Flying Doctor Service delivering first aid courses to many remote Pilbara communities, 3.5 years with St John Ambulance in Perth and has delivered for various other RTOs including Fremantle Maritime TAFE (5 day Medical First Aid at Sea). Further to this, he has been involved with many emergency situations within Karijini National Park and other remote locations. With this extensive experience combined with regular professional development courses undertaken for both his TAE & first aid qualifications, you can be assured of current course content delivered with a very effective training style which receives very positive feedback by those who undertake his courses.

If you're interested in an effective and dynamic first aid course for your group, then please contact Phill on 040 908 7677 for further details.



* This has been the best first aid course that I have done - K Holyoake 23/3/07

* Awesome course, great trainer - K Small 2/6/16

* Phill presents the course in an excellent way - M Butler 25/5/16

* Excellent trainer, thanks Phill - H Phillip 26/4/16

* Great course, awesome trainer - A Holmes 26/4/16

* Very good course, excellent presentation skills that were engaging, stimulating and supportive of a good learning environment. - D Bessarab 18-19/4/07

* Extremely happy with this course, Phill was a brilliant instructor! - T Heady 4/8/14

* V enthusiastic and v knowledgeable. - L Baker 23-24/2/07

* Fantastic and interesting presenter! Phill made this course a pleasure to be on and kept class interest high. - H Chorley 29-30/1/07

* This was the best first aid course I have done. I felt very comfortable and Phill was a really interesting and motivating instructor. - L Fitzpatrick 12-13/3/07

* Phill Witt was the most professional and approachable first aid trainer I've had, excellent course! Would highly recommend. - L Ingerson 5/5/14

* One of the best training courses I have done, Phill was excellent! - H Hewitt 28/7/14

* The trainer provided an enthusiastic and entertaining instruction. I have found this more interesting than any of the other courses I have done over the 12 years. - K Martens-Branco - 22-23/1/07

* In the 25 years of periodically training in CPR, this was the best trainer ever - well presented and knowledgeable. - Don 31/3/09

* Well presented by Phill Witt. Great communication skills, great stories to break up the session, very experienced trainer. Made sure all scenarios and explanations were very clear and well understood. Would definitely recommend the course by Phill to all employees and family. - M Rayner 23-24/4/07



Assisting with the lengthy rescue of an international visitor in Karijini National Park; the unfortunate visitor made a speedy and complete recovery!

Assisting with the lengthy rescue of an international visitor in Karijini National Park; the unfortunate visitor made a speedy and complete recovery!