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¬¬Exciting news folks, Dales Campground has recently undergone major upgrades to many of the camping sites - more of, size increase, easier access to and improved definition. These many upgrades across the entire campground include site 100 from where I operate my Dales astro nights. Senior Park Ranger Dan Petersen orchestrated the upgrades over the quiet summer season, and what a stellar result..! Working carefully around well established flora, site 100 has been increased in size, filled and compacted with red soil generating a very user friendly single level surface (previously multiple levels), and bordered with numerous steel bollards creating a large well defined site from which to allow keen stargazers to experience the magic of the cosmic canopy above. In years gone by, I fondly referred to my site as ‘‘Camp Constellation’’, as it was quite simply, a small irregular patch of cleared bushland. No longer folks, I must now refer to it as the ‘‘Dales Astro Center’’ owing to it’s new form, function and definition. So in a nutshell, the brilliant location of site 100 in combination with the new siteworks, will only enhance your REMTREK astro experience under those spectacular Karijini stars!! :) On behalf of all Dales Campground visitors, a big thank you to the external contractors, Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions, Senior Park Ranger Dan for organising site works throughout the Campground, Rangers Mike Thompson & Damon Kilte for doing much of the on-site work.

¬¬REMTREK Astronomy located in DALES GORGE CAMPGROUND is NOT affiliated with the new astro nights running at the Karijini Eco Retreat.

Hi folks, I have been receiving regular enquiries as to whether or not I am recommencing my astro nights back at the Karijini Eco Retreat? This is not the case and I must apologize for any confusion generated. This misunderstanding is largely due to the photograph titled "Stargazing Tours" that recently appeared on the Karijini Eco Retreat website, it is in fact, a REMTREK Astronomy night dating back to 2013 when I operated out of the Eco Retreat. Long ago, I posted the same photograph on my "tours" page to promote how things look at my present location, at the Dales Gorge Campground Karijini National Park . This is a fantastic photo for the Eco Retreat to use as it clearly illustrates the brilliance of the Karijini night sky. Just to clarify, I operated my astro nights at the Karijini Eco Retreat from 2007 until August 2015 whereupon I relocated to the Dales site, a perfect 360 degree view of the cosmos from a billiard table level viewing area; a truly sensational real life planetarium..!

Since relocating to the Dales Gorge Campground Karijini in Twenty 15, I have had many Eco Retreat customers and staff venture over to the Dales campground simply to join in on the REMTREK astro nights, a lengthy round trip under starlight, not ideal..! The commencement of a new and exciting astro night based back at the Eco Retreat is a tremendous win for both park visitors and Eco staff alike, now regardless of where you might be staying within the absolutely breathtaking Karijini National Park, you'll have access to telescopic eyes on the superbly pristine Karijini night skies! A truly wonderful situation, as it will enable more and more park visitors to experience the overwhelming beauty of spectacular Pilbara dark skies.

Phill Witt

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