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Safety in the Outback!

As some of the tours are conducted in remote locations, it is important that REMTREK implements comprehensive safety measures to ensure everyone who attends has a great experience and returns home safely.

For everyone’s safety, participants are briefed on the trail route details and emergency procedures prior to commencement of all trail activities. Individual water supplies are also checked prior to commencement of each walk and a comprehensive first aid pack carried by guide.

The vehicle contains emergency equipment such as first aid kits, survival packs, communications gear, recovery equipment and has an excellent maintenance schedule. As a bonus, Phill loves tinkering with cars and bikes so in the highly unlikely event of a breakdown, those wheels should be rolling again in no time!

Tour Safety

On all walk trail tours, participants are issued with REMTREK safety packs which include:

  • water
  • energy bars
  • high visibility vests
  • emergency survival blankets
  • first aid bandages
  • whistles
  • long life LED torches
  • emergency glow sticks

REMTREK also supply knee to ankle gaiters for our hiking party on all remote treks. 

Walk trail communications

Operating on UHF 28 in Karijini National Park.

Before all the hikes, participants are informed of emergency communications procedures so that everyone knows what will happen in the unlikely event of an emergency.

We carry the following communication devices with us on all tours:

  • Satellite phone
  • 5 watt UHF with hiking pack mounted hi-gain accessory antenna plus backup 3 watt UHF transceivers
  • Telstra Next G mobile phone with hiking pack mounted hi-gain accessory antenna
  • Emergency PLB
  • Unlimited SPOT satellite tracking
  • Magellan Triton GPS used for trail marking